About Theo

I am a designer, developer, and entrepreneur based in Montreal, QC.

I love working on bringing innovative products into the world - at all stages of the process.

I'm always looking to work on projects with smart people who are trying to make a positive impact in the world.

If you're working on something amazing and could use my help, please get in touch!

Work History

In 2004, I started designing and building websites with King Cow.

In 2011, I founded a company called HighScore House - a tool that helps parents form good habits in their households using gamification.

I am also a co-founder of GIMME.io - a tool to run event RSVPs and giveaways for bands, brands, and event professionals.

I worked for a year at Busbud helping travelers find and purchase bus tickets all over the world.

Currently, I work at Breather - providing people with access to private relaxing spaces wherever and whenever they need it.

Open Source Projects

Other Recent Website Projects